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Mako Service means product support now and for the life time of the product from our dedicated team of distributors

Their access to genuine OEM parts & accessories assures your machine will maintain it's reliability and performance advantage.

Mako Geniune OEM parts provide reliability you need. All consumable and proprietary parts are designed especially for Mako products.

Mako Blue Lubricant is formulated from environmentally responsible components that are produced and designed to assure optimum performance of your compression systems. Our formulations are designed to maximize renewable content that exceeds USDA standards for renewable products.

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Don't Take a Risk on Service.

  • Great Compressor Warranties
  • Dedicated, Authorized, Factory-Trained Compressor Distributors
  • Genuine Compressor Replacement Parts
  • 24-hour compressor service support

Mako Genuine OEM Parts

Mako Geniune OEM parts provide reliability you can't afford to do without. All consumable and proprietary parts are specified for Mako products. Don't take a chance on alternatives, choose genuine Mako OEM parts that are dependable and will help maintain performance advantage.

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Mako Blue Lubricant


  • Formulated to provide longevity and reliability for the compressor pump unit
  • Designed and developed to deliver uncompromising engineering excellence
  • Protection for ultimate life cycle performance

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Standard Warranty

Mako compressors are warranted for 2 years from the initial start-up date providing that the product is operated in accordance with it's specifications under normal conditions.

Mako 5-Year Extended Warranty

The Mako5 is offered exclusively to the municipal fire market, and covers Mako's full-line of stationary breathing air compressors, containment fill-stations, and mobile trailer systems.

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