MAKO is a respected and experienced brand for delivering breathing air solutions in the Oil and gas arena and particularly in offshore applications. MAKO offer a range of compressors that can match a variety of volumetric flow requirements. A typical and well-respected unit used in the offshore oil and gas arena would be the Horizontal Breathing Air (HBA) 06 model which offers a volumetric flow capacity of 22.3m3/hr that can rapidly fill up cylinders. 

The units are designed for robust and harsh environments and are very easy to install, set up and service. A critical requirement in any offshore breathing air application is ensuring that the quality of air is in line with Grade D breathing air requirements which has specified limits around the CO2 and CO content allowed along with clear guidance on the tolerable Oil, Oxygen and water particulates allowed in the air. As an experienced and well-established brand in the application space, MAKO has designed and certified our units to meet the complete specification requirements for breathing air compressors in the offshore oil and gas application space.